City cafe
Healthy food, freshly roasted specialty coffee, and a shop with a big collection of independent magazines and vinyl records.

Odessa, Pushkinska st, 31
8:00 - 21:00
Coffee: we work with the best Ukranian roasters and experiment with fresh roasted coffee beans from all around the world. All this makes your experience exceptional - cup of coffee is not just everyday routine, it is a source of understanding new tastes.
Food: we hold the culture of slow food - deliberate and balanced food with pleasure. The main part of our job - guest and product. That's why we designed signature menu with healthy and proper dishes.
DELIVERY: Now you can order online your favorite meal and deserts . Moreover, we can develop a healthy and tasty food for your company. Applications for corporate catering can be sent to our e-mail.

Gorilla Service | Bond Delivery
Please write us, if you are a cook, barista or waiter
+ 38 (099) 739 79 59
Odessa, Pushkinska st, 31